A teacher is more than just a facilitator of knowledge but a State Certified, Contracted Educator. Certified Educators are the only people allowed to be alone in a room of children, guiding students to learn for their futures.

Here is a list of Certified Educators who meet this criteria:

  • State Certified Teacher
  • State Certified Substitute Teacher


  • State Certified Principal
  • State Certified Assistant Principal
  • State Certified Superintendent
  • State Certified Assistant Superintendent

As a Full Member of TPAU you will enjoy many benefits by way of vendor discounts, the eventual offering of medical, dental, and life insurance coverage, discounts on seminars, conferences, trainings, and TPAU merchandise. In addition to all of this, TPAU provides administrative due process representation and guidance, when needed.

Did you know that currently when a Certified Educator joins their local, state and national Associations, they pay approximately $60- $100/ month??!? Is it all about the money for them? What do they do with your money? Someone has to pay the high salaries, traveling expenses, fancy buildings and donations to large corporations and entities which many Educators do not agree with. Why not have the Educators pay for it all??? No thank you.

TPAU is only $49/year and will always disclose where the dues are spent

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Collective Bargaining Agreement Negotiator


Arizona is a non-union, open-enrollment, right-to-work state and the ability to negotiate contracts can be in your hands with the help of TPAU.

Certified, Public School Educators are governed by Bargaining Agreements agreed upon by the state and districts.

  • A collective bargaining agreement (CBA) is a written agreement between labor and management. Labor is typically represented by a union or employee’s association.
  • The Right to bargain collectively is recognized by the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), as amended.
  • This Right is enforced by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and as a majority of Certified Educators join TPAU, that Right will be YOURS.
  • The CBA governs and defines conditions of employment, wages, benefits, work rules and conditions, disputes and grievances, seniority, etc. It contains an effective date of the agreement, beginning and end and may also specify effective dates of raises, benefit increases, etc
  • Effective dates of raises or increases may not coincide with effective date of agreement.
  • CBA-based WDs net typically higher wages, more fringe benefits- health care, vacation, sick leave, pension contributions, paid time off, and periodic re-negotiation- every 2-3years – can be amended by agreement of both parties.
  • Sets new minimum wages for affected classifications that are above those found on standard WD (Wage Determination)

Certified Educators must follow law and process as defined by (Arizona Revised Statute) ARS 15-511 as well as several other Statutes and Codes.

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