Know your rights as a highly valued Certified Substitute Teacher and Educator.

A Certified Substitute Teacher is the only person other than the Certified Classroom Teacher or Certified Administrator, who is legally allowed to be alone with a class of K-12 students and offer them education and guidance. You are extremely coveted in the education realm and without you, a classroom cannot function, when the Contracted, Certified Teacher, must be absent.

Under AZ State Statute Title 15-501 and forward, there is no distinction between a Certified Teacher, Certified Administrator, and Certified Substitute Teacher. The verbiage is very clear that any State Certified Educator is treated the same under law and holds the same gravitas as any “Certified Employee”.

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Know Your Value!

There are times when a Substitute Teacher is treated poorly or not given enough information to become successful in the classroom. Please let the leaders at TPAU know, when this occurs so we can advocate on your behalf. Sometimes there will be a “He Said”, “She Said” instance and because you are a visiting teacher, you will not necessarily have standing. We at TPAU are here to help and guide the administrators in understanding your value. Even in a “right-to-work” state you are entitled to Due Process because you are a State Certified individual.
There have been instances where a complaint is filed about a Substitute but the sub is not notified and finds out through the elimination of jobs being offered at certain locations. There have also been instances where a substitute will be banned from certain schools and never notified. This is not right or proper and if due process (notification/communication) has not been followed, you may have a cause of action against that school or district.
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