Governing Board

A Public School District Governing Board consists of duly elected, residents of the district, tax-paying citizens. A Public School District Governing Board Member holds a non-paying position of high distinction and importance. Meetings are generally 1-2 “times a Month” and are open to the public.

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As an Associate Member of TPAU, not only will you be able to take advantage of the perks but a Governing Board Member will be able to learn about process, policy, and advocacy through the many seminars and conferences, offered. TPAU will be your best source when researching a topic brought to the board to help keep you on task with very little frustration. Often times, the task of a Governing Board Member can be convoluted and seem fruitless as the public turns to you for answers and the Certified, Contracted Administration asks you for heavy decisions. Do not be deterred, we are here to help you.

Ensure Accountability

As the community’s representative in the local schools, a Public School District Governing Board is responsible for ensuring that the schools are well run, resources are used wisely, and high standards for academic performance are set. The board as a whole will monitor performance to meet established goals; academic, financial and operational.

*A Public School District Governing Board Member is responsible for approving the hiring and firing of Certificated, Contracted district Educators when vacancies or problems arise. Please head to our FAQ Page for Questions and Answers regarding local school boards.

Community Vision

The governing board, with extensive involvement from the staff and community, is responsible for envisioning the future of the public schools in their community. After setting the vision and mission for the district, the governing board works collaboratively to establish strategic goals to move the organization toward the community’s vision for its schools.

Boards Listening to YOU

Listening to the public/taxpayers is one of the most important tasks of a Governing Board as Certified, Contracted Administrators often become mired in lists of needs and wants which do not always align with the community. A Governing Board’s decision to accept or deny these lists must be heavily weighted with the public’s opinions.

15-321. Organization; election of officers of the board; meetings; execution of warrants; exemption

15-341. General powers and duties; immunity; delegation

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