Full Membership

If you hold a current State Certified Educators Certificate (Teachers, Administrators, and Substitute Teachers) you may hold a Full TPAU Membership. A Full TPAU Member will have voting rights during Bargaining Agreement decisions and Voting Rights at TPAU Board Meetings regarding major Organization decisions or changes. As well, Full Membership will enjoy perks in the way of fun giveaways, vendor discounts, and eventually Medical and Family related discounts. A Full Member will be granted discounts on TPAU products and Seminars offered throughout each year.

Did you know that currently when a Certified Educator joins their local, state and national Associations, they pay approximately $60- $100/ month??!? Is it all about the money for them? What do they do with your money? Someone has to pay the high salaries, traveling expenses, fancy buildings and donations to large corporations and entities which many Educators do not agree with. Why not have the Educators pay for it all??? No thank you.

TPAU is only $49/year and will always disclose where the dues are spent



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