Benefits of Membership

Annual Membership Dates: September 1, of current year – October 31, of subsequent year

“TPAU Family”

Join the Future of Teacher Associations Across the Country

Whether a Full Member or Associate Member, joining TPAU will bring many benefits by way of vendor discounts, the eventual offering of medical and dental insurance coverage, discounts on seminars, conferences, trainings, and TPAU merchandise. In addition to all of this, TPAU provides administrative due process representation and guidance, when needed.

TPAU is the best and most knowledgeable advocate for Certified Educators (Teachers, Admin, Substitute Teachers – Full Members), to have more autonomy in their Educator Profession. We will bridge the information gap between Educators and Parents for a more effective education for the children of the district. When there is frustration or misinformation on either side of the table, anger and dissatisfaction can occur. This is unnecessary as the laws and rights are very clear on both the Educator side and the Parent side.

As we say in our motto: “Better Together”.

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