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Education Advocacy

TPAU is working with community leaders in education to keep our school Educators, Administrators, and School (elected and appointed) Governing Boards from stepping outside their legal and ethical bounds.

TPAU President and Creator

As a veteran, Master’s Degreed Certified Classroom Teacher, Certified Substitute Teacher, Mother, Grandmother, Arizona native, and staunch child advocate, this group was born of frustration for educators who push personal and political agendas on innocent children. We wish to educate parents and teachers to be their child/student’s best education advocate in a convoluted, bureaucratic education system. Message us today!

Under Governing Boards

Protect Our Children- Learn How to Become a Board Member. From the State Board of Education to local Site Councils, participation by the public on various boards and councils is essential to ensuring that our publicly funded schools reflect the values and vision of the communities they serve. Did you know, more school board members are nominated by our elected County Superintendent of Schools NOT elected? It is True!

A.R.S. 15-421 Outlines the rights of the County Superintendent


15-341 – General powers and duties; immunity; delegation


Once elected or appointed, Board members are strongly encouraged (Encouraged) to sign-up for the Arizona School Board Association’s orientation program. As an alternative, TPAU will be running a series of interesting and informational seminars and conferences to further educate board member, citizens who wish to become board members, and the general public about rights, rules, and guidelines. Please contact us if you are interested in running for a local school governing board and we can help you, TODAY!

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